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Amazon releases its own AI

by on14 April 2023

Amazon Bedrock is a place right out of history

Amazon is releasing a ChatGPT and DALL-E rival it calls Amazon Bedrock.

Bedrock is a suite of generative AI tools that can help Amazon Web Service customers -- businesses who run their operations on Amazon's data servers -- build chatbots, generate and summarise text, and make and classify images based on prompts.

While OpenAI's ChatGPT is run solely on its GPT-4 language model, Bedrock users can perform specific tasks by selecting from a range of machine learning models it calls "foundation models," such as AI21's Jurassic-2, Anthropic's Claude, Stability AI's Stable Diffusion, and Amazon Titan.

A content marketing manager could use Bedrock to create a targeted ad campaign for a new line of handbags by feeding it data to generate product social media posts, display ads, and web copy for each product.

According to an AWS blog post, a preview of Amazon's generative AI toolkit is limited to select AWS customers. So far, Coda, an AI document generation firm used by companies like Uber and the New York Times, is using Bedrock to scale its business operations, according to Amazon.


Last modified on 14 April 2023
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