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IBM launches new artificial intelligence and data platform

by on10 May 2023

Watsonx could bring AI to more businesses

IBM on Tuesday launched Watsonx, a new artificial intelligence and data platform to help companies integrate AI in their business.

The new AI platform launch comes over a decade after IBM's software called Watson got attention for winning the game show Jeopardy. At the time Biggish Blue said Watson could "learn" and process human language. But Watson's high cost at the time made it a challenge for companies to use.

Ten years later, chatbot ChatGPT's overnight success is making AI adoption at companies a focus, and IBM is looking to grab new business.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said that this time, the lower cost of implementing the large language AI models means the chances of success are high.

"When something becomes 100 times cheaper, it really sets up an attraction that's very, very different," said Krishna.

"The first barrier to creating the model is high, but once you've done that, to adapt that model for a hundred or a thousand different tasks is very easy and can be done by a non-expert."

Krishna said AI could reduce certain back office jobs at IBM in the coming years.

Ironically the bloke who just paused hiring at his own company, said that AI would not mean employment decreases.

"AI gives the ability to plough a lot more investment into value-creating activities...We hired more people than were let go because we're hiring into areas where there is a lot more demand from clients."


Last modified on 10 May 2023
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