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Mercedes adds ChatGPT MBUX infotainment system

by on16 June 2023

US owners get a beta program today

Mercedes is adding OpenAI's ChatGPT to its MBUX infotainment system with US owners of models that use MBUX getting it today.

This means that the large language model can augment the car's conversation skills.

Mercedes said: "Users will experience a voice assistant that not only accepts natural voice commands but can also conduct conversations. Soon, participants who ask the Voice Assistant for details about their destination, to suggest a new dinner recipe, or to answer a complex question, will receive a more comprehensive answer -- while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road."

Mercedes admits that it will retain and use your ChatGPT conversations: "The voice command data collected is stored in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud, where it is anonymised and analysed. Mercedes-Benz developers will gain helpful insights into specific requests, enabling them to set precise priorities in the further development of voice control. Findings from the beta program will be used to improve the intuitive voice assistant further and to define the rollout strategy for large language models in more markets and languages."


Last modified on 16 June 2023
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