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Hollywood did give way to actors' AI fears

by on13 November 2023

Details of the agreement

The longest actor's strike in Hollywood history ended with "groundbreaking" protections against the use of AI.

After the strike, the studios agreed to provide informed consent for creating any digital replica of a performer or background actor, with a specific description of the intended use.

Compensation for the replica will vary. SAG leadership said the contract protects background performers from using their digital image without consent. This applies even after they are dead.

It was a close fight, with the studios holding out on using AI to create synthetic performers.

Union leadership said studios will have to gain consent from any actors whose facial features are used for the AI performer, the studios have to inform actors they're using AI, and the union can bargain over compensation for those affected by it.

The separate deal signed in September with the writer's guild "also includes assurances that AI cannot write or rewrite literary material."

In a statement, the union said that if it had not obtained the AI agreement, it would not be able to protect members how they needed to be protected.

“If we didn't get those barricades, what would it be in three years...?"

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