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Nvidia delays H20 in China

by on24 November 2023

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Nvidia has told Chinese customers is delaying the launch of a new AI chip which it designed to comply with US export rules until the first quarter of next year.

The H20 was the most powerful of three China-focused chips Nvidia has developed to comply with fresh US export restrictions and could complicate its efforts to preserve market share in China against local rivals like Huawei.

Nvidia had wanted to launch the new products this month but there are rumours of all sorts of problems over and above red tape.

Nvidia’s customers, including server manufacturers, are reportedly experiencing difficulties integrating the new chip. These integration issues have played a significant role in pushing back the release of the H20 chip, adding another layer of complexity to Nvidia’s efforts to maintain its market share in China.

Now, the H20 launch has now been pushed back until the first quarter of next year – probably February or March. The sources say it was delayed due to issues server manufacturers were having in integrating the chip.

Despite the H20’s postponement, Nvidia is expected to launch its L20 according to schedule. However, information regarding the status of the third chip, the L2, remains under wraps.


Last modified on 27 November 2023
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