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Microsoft foils cyber plot by rogue states

by on15 February 2024

AI being used as a weapon of choice

Software King of the World Microsoft said it had spotted and stopped attempts by U.S. enemies -- mainly Iran and North Korea and also Russia and China -- to use or abuse clever AI made by the firm and its mate to launch or plan nasty cyber attacks. 

The tricks Microsoft saw, with the help of its partner OpenAI, are a new danger and were not "very original or special," the Redmond, Washington, firm said in a blog post. But the blog does show how US rivals have been using big-language models to boost their power to hack networks and spread lies.

Microsoft said the "attacks" it found all used big-language models the partners own and said it was vital to reveal them publicly even if they were "early, small steps."

Cybersecurity firms have long used machine-learning to defend, mainly to spot weird behaviour in networks. But crooks and hackers use it too, and the arrival of big-language models led by OpenAI's ChatGPT made that game harder.

Last modified on 15 February 2024
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