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by on27 March 2024

The perfect pint

The boffins at KU Leuven have cracked the code to a perfect pint, and it's all thanks to a bit of AI wizardry.

Professor Kevin Verstrepen, the brains behind the brew, says this clever tech is sniffing out the secret sauce of our beloved bevvies.

The team spent a long time putting 250 Belgian beers under the microscope, from hoppy lagers to fruity ales, and even the sober non-alcoholic types to figure out what makes each gulp so bloomin' good.

It turns out, it's a mad mix of over 200 flavourful compounds, and AI's got the nose for it and so it can help create perfection.

A squad of 16 stout-hearted souls sipped and scored these brews on everything from bitterness to booziness. It took them three long years and many bottles of aspirin, but who's counting when there's beer involved?

The results made it to Nature magazine

Last modified on 27 March 2024
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