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Torvalds thinks AI is a huge laugh

by on22 April 2024

That is, until they replace him

At The Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit North America, Linus Torvalds dismissed the latest AI software as hilarious.

He said that: “Maybe I'll be replaced by an AI model!"

Torvalds summed up his attitude as, "Let's wait ten years and see where it goes before we make all these crazy announcements."

Contrary to dismissing AI, Torvalds acknowledges its potential, stating, "That's not to say I don't think AI will be helpful in the future." He even points out a positive outcome already: "NVIDIA has gotten better at talking to Linux kernel developers and working with Linux memory management" due to its necessity for running AI's large language models (LLMs) efficiently. This recognition of AI technology progress will likely instil confidence in AI and Linux development professionals.

Torvalds is also "looking forward to the tools actually to find bugs. We have a lot of tools, and we use them religiously, but making the tools smarter is not a bad thing. Using smarter tools is just the next inevitable step. We have kernel rewriting tools with very complicated scripts and pattern recognition. AI can be a huge help here because some of these tools are very hard to use, and you have to specify things at a low enough level."

Just be careful, Torvalds warns of "AI BS.".

Last modified on 22 April 2024
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