Google teases big announcement in May
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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 17:15

Google teases big announcement in May

Most likely all about new Pixel phones

While we already know that new Pixel smartphones are coming, Google has now launched a dedicated page which both promotes the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie as well as promises something big coming to the Pixel universe on May 7th.

Google wants to put adverts on your Android TV
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Sony Smart TVs, Mi Box 3 from Xiaomi, Nvidia Shield TV, and others

Search engine outfit Google is hoping to stick adverts on Android smart TVs because you can never have too much advertising.

Apple headhunts Google AI boffin
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Friday, 05 April 2019 12:01

Apple headhunts Google AI boffin

Needs more live brains

Fruity cargo cult Apple is desperate for new ideas and has hired one of Google's top minds in artificial intelligence to help out.

Oracle blames Google for shutting it out of the smartphone industry
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Oh those pesky applets

Oracle has made the bizarre claim that the only reason it is not the king of the smartphones is that Google used applets in its software.

Google execs ponder censored search in China
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Shush its is secret

Google executives are conducting a secret internal assessment of work on a censored search engine for China.

Google reveals Stadia bandwidth requirements
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25Mbps for 1080p at 60fps

Earlier last week, Google has officially unveiled its game streaming service called Stadia, and while there are still a lot of unknowns, Google is slowly revealing a bit more information, including the bandwidth requirement needed to stream those games at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

Google fined $1.7 billion for search ad blocks
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Adsense costs Google 1.49 billion euro

Google has been fined 1.49 billion euro by the European Commission which said that the case focused on the company’s illegal practices in search advertising brokering from 2006 to 2016.

Google officially announces Stadia, a game streaming service
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Running on 10.7 TFLOPs AMD GPU and custom x86 CPU

At the GDC 2019, Google has officially announced its own game streaming service, called Stadia. Powered by AMD hardware, Stadia promises to completely change the game streaming landscape.

Google paid $45 million to alleged “sex pests”
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The cost of making things go away

Google has paid millions to former directors who were accused of being sex pests at work and shareholders and staff are furious.

Google researchers find new flaws in Mac programming
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BuggyCow eats
Mac operating system

Google's bug-hunting researchers known as Project Zero have revealed a fresh zero-day vulnerability in macOS called "BuggyCow".