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AMD 880G details tip up

by on24 March 2010


Not very impressive

got hold of an AMD 880G motherboard and it doesn't sound like they were impressed.

The board features AMD's new SB850 southbridge, which debuted on 890GX boards a few weeks back. It supports SATA 6Gbps and many boards will feature USB 3.0 support as well.

The 880G northbridge doesn't appear to be as advanced. It is still based on the RV620 IGP and for some reason it features just a single digital output. Bit-tech notes that the core is manufactured in 55nm, so power consumption will probably remain thesame as on the 785G.

Basically it appears AMD pulled an Nvidia with the 880G, as it merely rebranded an old graphics core and added a new southbridge with SATA 6Gbps support.

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