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Gigabyte motherboards have no trouble charging iPads

by on13 April 2010


Unlike some 

it has been revealed that not all USBs are blessed with enough power to charge the almighty iPad without having to turn it off, Gigabyte informed the general public that the company’s motherboards have no such problem.

The iPad, as you might know, can’t be charged by many existing USB hubs when it's active, and the same goes for certain computers. Apple advises users to charge their pet via the provided 10W adapter or via a high-power USB 2.0 port, otherwise they're forced to turn it off in order to charge it.

After iPad’s charging issues have been widely reported, Gigabyte rushed to inform the general public that their motherboards have no such problem and will charge the iPad without having to turn it off. We somehow doubt that anyone who owns Gigabyte’s motherboard will be in a hurry to buy an iPad anytime soon, but that’s the company’s two cents (or rather volts).  (You mean amps? sub.ed.)

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Last modified on 13 April 2010
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