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Nvidia Drive powers Rimac's C_Two high-tech features

by on12 March 2018

Nvidia for AI-enabled assistance, recognition and more

With the 2018 Geneva Motor show closing its doors in a couple of days, it is obvious that the star of the show was Rimac's C_Two all-electric hypercar which not only packs quite a punch with 1,914 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque but also packs quite a few unique functions including Level 4 autonomy, AI-enabled driver assistance, and recognition features.

According to what we have seen from Rimac's presentation at the Geneva Motor Show or from Rimac's official presentation of the C_Two, the new hypercar will some impressive technology features including the "Driving Coach" function, advanced AI-enabled ADAS with collision risk prediction, automatic braking, evasive control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise, facial recognition, voice control, M2M telemetry system and more.

Nvidia was keen to announce that its Nvidia Drive AI computer is behind the Rimac C_two, enabling all those high-end AI features and taking care of all those sensors, including eight on-board cameras, a pair of lidar, six radar emitters, twelve ultrasonic sensors, GPS and IMU sensor.

Whether it is Nvidia's Drive PX Pegasus platform for Level 5 driverless vehicles, or if it is the Nvidia Drive Xavier platform, it is obvious that Rimac wanted a platform that could keep up with all those sensors and high-tech features.

Nvidia platforms could be seen in plenty of other cars at the show including the VW I.D. Vizzion, the new Audi A6, Bentley, Bentayga Hybrid, Polestar 1, the new Mercedes A-Class, and more, but the Rimac C_Two certainly got the most attention at the show and it will be interesting to see all those high-tech features in a test.

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