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Car touchscreens need to be scrapped

by on06 March 2024

EU watchdog barks

Euro NCAP, the car safety watchdog for Europe, is bringing in new rules for 2026 which mean that five vital tasks in every car will have to be done by real buttons instead of by a screen.

Indicators, hazard lights, windscreen wipers, horn, and SOS features will have to be operated by proper switches for cars to get Euro NCAP's prized five star safety rating.

Euro NCAP. strategic development boss Matthew Avery said: "The overuse of touchscreens is a problem for the whole industry, with nearly every car-maker putting key controls on central touchscreens, forcing drivers to look away from the road and increasing the chance of distraction crashes.”

"New Euro NCAP tests coming in 2026 will make manufacturers use separate, physical controls for basic functions simply, cutting down eyes-off-road time and making driving safer."

Last modified on 06 March 2024
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