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Steel Battalion 2 coming for Kinect

by on17 September 2010

No mega controller necessary this time
One of the most interesting titles for the original Xbox has to be Steel Battalion, which features a multi-part custom joystick setup with over 40 buttons and foot controls. The controller was something to see; and because of the price of the game along with this controller, it resulted in very few people ever getting to play this Mech combat title.

Capcom is set to revive Steel Battalion with a new sequel that is tentatively called Steel Battalion 2: Heavy Armor. The new Steel Battalion 2 will not use a new version of the mega-controller, but will instead use Kinect to control your in-game Mech.

Beyond the announcement of the first-person Mech title, no specifics are really known, other than the developer From Software will be working on the game for Capcom. While not actually confirmed in the announcement, it is thought that the game will be exclusive for the Xbox 360, at least to start out with. The same sources tell us to look for it to arrive late next year if all proceeds as planned.

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