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PlayStation Move arrives

by on20 September 2010

Lack of titles equals slow sales
Sony’s new PlayStation Move offering arrived last week in both the North American and European markets and sales have not been very stellar, according to our retail sources. While Sony has not been really pitching Move as the game changer that Microsoft is pitching Kinect to be, at least some blame the lack of launch titles specific for Move as the reason for slow sales so far.

The thing about Move is that beyond the Sports Champions and Start the Party, Sony is lacking a number of specific titles that were developed just for the Move device. Instead, Sony has been working with developers to adapt existing titles such as Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain to add Move support. This strategy is a bit different from Microsoft’s strategy of working with developers to launch new titles specifically for the device.

While the launch has not exactly been flat in the North American and European market spaces, some analysts believe that until the launch in Japan in November, we will not see a healthy number of titles supporting the device; and many of the titles that do offer support will be existing games with Move support added to them.

It will be interesting to see which strategy pays off; but it would appear that Microsoft’s strategy with Kinect to provide titles with a Kinect experience might be the better strategy out of the gate. Sony does have a number of Move titles in the pipeline, but it is still unclear exactly how many of these will be exclusive Move experiences, rather than titles that offer both controller as well as Move support.

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