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Epic might buy APB

by on05 October 2010

Dave Jones could be headed there, as well
North Carolina developer Epic Games, best known for the Unreal franchise and Gears of War, might be again expanding with news that again that the company might buy Realtime World’s APB title. There seems a bit more to this news now, as whispers are suggesting that Realtime Creative Director Dave Jones might be headed over to Epic, as well.

The news of APB going to Epic isn’t really new. Talk from the shadows had suggested that Epic liked the title and saw potential in it, but agreed that it needed more work and development. If Epic were to purchase APB, it is unknown what they might do with the game right now of. It is possible that they could buy it and simply turn the servers back on and re-launch the title while they gear up to start re-developing the title once again.

APB could prove to be an interesting purchase by Epic as it would give the company an MMO-style shooter platform to work with and develop into something unique, and also create a new revenue subscription stream for the company. While APB would need a good amount of work and a lot of re-thinking of the business side of the title, it could prove to be a very significant play by Epic to get into this space. Epic has long-time roots in the PC gaming space and a number of resources to leverage to make APB successful.

We will have to wait and see what happens, but APB might not be at the end of the road just yet, despite the plug being pulled.

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