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PlayStation Move headed for PC?

by on01 February 2011

Sources suggest that it is very possible
According to a number of sources, Sony is apparently looking at the possibility of opening the PlayStation Move up to the Windows PC platform due to a project called Move Server. It is apparently more than just a possibility, according to sources we spoke with.

Sony is apparently sponsoring a session at this year’s Game Developer Conference. It is expected that John McCutchan from Sony will explain what Move Server actually is. The description says that they will discuss Move Server, which will allow hobbyists and academics to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs.

While a number of hacks have been released for the Microsoft Kinect that allow PC/Mac users to experiment using the device with their PC or Mac, Microsoft has acknowledged those experimenting with the device and has not ruled out the possibility of bringing Kinect out for Windows users. Of course, the interesting experimentation that has been going on with Kinect has been noted by Sony and the uses for the product are opening new avenues and ideas for the use of the technology.

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