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Sony Playstation 5 Pro specification confirmed

by on16 April 2024

Comes before the holiday season with updated SoC

Confirming previous rumors, specifications for the upcoming Sony Playstation 5 Pro have now been confirmed, with a slightly faster CPU, an updated GPU, and should launch before the holiday season.

Codenamed Trinity, the Playstation 5 Pro, according to the full list of specifications obtained by The Verge, will include a slightly faster CPU, and a more powerful GPU, with focus on improved ray tracing. Sony wants developers to push ray tracing, being confident that the new console will be able to hit higher resolutions and higher frame rates in certain titles.

According to the report, the games will get the so-called Trinity Enhanced label if "provide significant enhancements." In terms of performance, Sony expects the GPU to be around 45 percent more powerful compared to the standard Playstation 5. The performance boost will also come from a slightly faster CPU, which will have a "high frequency mode, pushing it to 3.85MHz, which is a boost of up to 10 percent.

The GPU is expected to use the new RDNA 3 GPU architecture, which is probably where those ray tracing improvements come from, at least compared to the standard Playstation 5. Sony has apparently also pushed the memory bandwidth up from 448GB/s to 576GB/s, as well as giving developers a bit more system memory to play with. The console will also use Sony's Playstation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), which is Sony's version of upscaling technology, similar to the Nvidia DLSS and the AMD FSR.

Sony aims to get the console on retail/e-tail shelves before the holiday season and needs to push developers to get things ready before the launch, which means that we'll probably hear more information soon.


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