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UFC Trainer encounters delays

by on03 February 2011

Release estimated for June arrival
After experiencing only moderate success with the release of the last UFC title, THQ opted to take a different approach by moving away from annual releases to what is believed to be an every-other-year strategy. However, this does not mean that THQ isn’t going to try the UFC license in other areas.

One of the extensions of the standard UFC game is the new UFC Personal Trainer, where you can take advantage of the motion control technology of your Kinect equipped Xbox 360 or your Move equipped PlayStation 3 to train just as UFC fighters do. Apparently, the idea sounded great, but putting the idea into a video game isn’t without challenges. While originally the title was slated for a release in the first quarter of this year, the title has now slipped to an estimated June arrival.

Despite our best efforts to confirm exactly what the deal is with the delay, all we were able to uncover from our sources is that they want UFC Personal Trainer to be the best title it can be, and the developers needed additional time to achieve that goal. Whispers we hear, however, suggest that the title has been much more difficult to achieve the desired results from using the motion control technology than first anticipated; and this has contributed significantly to the delay.

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