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No more Hero DLC after February

by on11 February 2011

Already announced DLC still coming
With the news that both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero development are ending and at least for now no longer viable for Activision to develop, it comes as no real surprise that the additional downloadable track packs and mix packs are also ending.

While many fans just assumed that downloadable content for both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero would continue, Activision confirms in a FAQ on their web site that the decline in the music genre just makes the venture unprofitable, given the reduced demand for such content and the considerable licensing costs to continue to produce this downloadable content.

Activision will continue to offer the DLC content that has already been released. In addition, the announced DLC content for both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero that was already in the pipeline will still be released; however, you should expect no additional content after February. (Rumors suggest that the last Guitar Hero pack will be bigger than normal and has been given the name Mega Pack, but no confirmation yet if this is accurate or not.)

Sources tell us that Activision has not totally shut the door on the possibility of future releases in both the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchise, but the economics would have to drastically change and the demand would have to be there before they would consider getting back into the music genre space again.

In the meantime, Harmonix confirmed today that the Rock Band and Dance Central franchise will continue to march forward with additional offerings, which will apparently include new Rock Band and Dance Central Titles as well as a continued stream of downloadable content for players to buy. So, if you are into music games it looks like you will be playing Harmonix titles going forward. Despite rumors of a possible guitar-only oriented release from Harmonix, the company still has no comment about this possibility at this time.

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