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Crysis 2 has been leaked

by on14 February 2011


Full version is floating around
According to a number of sources a full version of Crysis 2 has leaked onto torrent sites for download. The news, of course, isn’t going to make developer Crytek happy, as the leaked version arrived a full month ahead of the official release.

Some of our sources tell us that the version that has been leaked is not the RTM copy of the game, but instead a very late beta. We can’t confirm that this is the case, and at this point neither the developer Crytek nor publisher Electronic Arts have any official comment.

Despite the lack of an official comment, whispers we hear indicate that the developer and publisher might be considering moving the release date up in an effort to minimize the damage of the leaked version being out there; but there is no official word that this is the plan that they are going with.

Crysis is set to arrive on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 22nd and moving the date up could be tricky, as there are a number of high profile titles set for release, including Fight Night Champions, Major League Baseball, Dragon Age 2 and the highly anticipated Homefront. Taking on one of these titles could limit the sales of Crysis 2; but it will be a difficult decision, as the leaked version might be doing more damage.

Expect an official statement clarifying the situation from Crytek or Electronic Arts later this week.

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