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Homefront enters U.K. charts on top

by on22 March 2011

Seems reviews don’t matter for most
Another bright spot of news for THQ was revealed that Homefront entered the charts in the United Kingdom at number one. As we have been telling you the game seems to be such that reviews can’t agree on its rating, with review scores all over the place for the title. Apparently, as in North America, players in the United Kingdom are paying little attention to the reviews.

With Homefront vaulting to the number one position, Dragon Age 2 has been bumped down to number two in the U.K. We don’t have the exact sales numbers for Homefront yet, but sources tell us that the Xbox 360 version is accounting for 70% of the sales, followed by the PlayStation 3 and PC platform.

The news does seem to support analysts’ predictions that Homefront will buck the trend and still perform very well for THQ and developer Kaos Studios. Speaking of Kaos, the studio is already talking about a major update that is coming along with the start of what the developer is suggesting will be a steady stream of downloadable content for the title.

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