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Some 3DSs suffer black screen of death

by on29 March 2011

Contact your local Nintendo Service Center
The Nintendo 3DS launch appears to not be without its problems. Some users are apparently complaining about what is being called the “Black Screen of Death.” Once a user gets the black screen of death, it makes the 3DS unusable and basically locked up until the user powers the 3DS off and back on.

Nintendo claims that they are aware of the issue and says that users should download the latest system update that is available online for the unit. If this does not help, Nintendo recommends that affected users should contact their local Nintendo Customer Service Center and have them investigate the issue.

It is not clear yet how many users are experiencing the problem and how widespread the issue is. What we do know is that Nintendo did push out an update for the 3DS on Friday, but it is unclear what the update might have contained or whether it actually had anything in it to address this specific issue.

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