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3DS sales picking up

by on18 August 2011

Nothing like a good price cut
Although Nintendo’s 3DS hasn’t had the greatest of times since it launched, it seems like nothing spells sales like a nice price cut.

Nintendo dropped 3DS pricing to $170 and although GameStop and Best Buy declined to comment as of yet, Target confirmed it is definitely getting better. Unfortunately, actual data is scarce and Target refused to shed more light.

Target spokesperson only said that the company is pleased with increased sales and that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is the best selling title. Not much of a surprise though, seeing as how Zelda has a huge following.

We guess that we’ll know soon enough whether this is just a temporary effect of the price cuts or Nintendo’s return to handheld console power.

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Last modified on 18 August 2011
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