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Tiger 12 PC owners can get refund

by on13 September 2011

EA to give money back over poor quality
Electronic Arts is trying to pacify owners of the PC version of Tiger Woods Golf 12 by offering refunds. For some time now, owners have been complaining about the shortness in length of the title and the lack of solid quality when compared to the console release of the game.

Many buyers feel that the missing features from the console version as well as the paid-only multiplayer online mode suggest that the game isn’t even the same title as the console version, and many believe that representing the same title as the same is misleading.

Because of the large number of complaints, EA has taken the drastic step of offering buyers refunds on the purchase of the game. While limited only to PC owners of the game, you can apparently get a refund by contacting EA Support with the Livechat feature and asking for it.

Word that we have seen on the forums seems to be that many buyers are taking EA up on this refund offer. There is no word yet if EA has learned from this experience and will address these issues with the next Tiger release on the PC platform.

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