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New January DLC for Gran Turismo 5

by on12 January 2012

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To be incoming on the 18th of January

New downloadable content is coming on January 18th for Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3. In addition to the 2.03 update being part of the release on the 18th, two new DLC packs will be offered.

The first new DLC pack is called the Speed Test Pack, which includes a new oval track that allows the use of a special performance measurement mode. With this measurement mode, players are able to test changes and tweaks before taking to the streets and racing with it. It is expected to cost $5 when released.

The second part of the new DLC will be the new Car Pack 3 which will add six additional new cars. The new cars include: Aston martin V12 Vantage, Jaguar XJR9, Lamborghini Aentador, Mini Countryman S 2011, and the Nissan Leaf. Car Pack 3 is expected to go for $6 when it drops.

Beyond the 2.03 update, we hear of new theme colors and wallpaper to be part of the update, according to our sources.

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