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More Wii U info coming before E3

by on16 January 2012

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Nintendo confirms that more is coming

As we told you Nintendo is planning to release more information on the Wii U a little at a time. Nintendo has confirmed that we should expect a major information drop on the Wii U ahead of E3 this year in June.

The next round of information that is expected will address some of the Wii U’s technical specs that have been leaked by developers. It is now believed that the Wii U use a Quad Core 3GHz PowerPC processor using 45nm process technology. The CPU is said to be very similar to the CPU in the Xbox 360. The unit is said to feature 768MB of RAM that is shared between the CPU and GPU, but the company is also experimenting with a 1GB of RAM version to evaluate performance benefits versus cost. The unit will be powered by an AMD graphics processor, but exactly what features this GPU is going to have is also apparently up in the air.

One new rumor that we continue to hear is that despite their initial claims that the unit would only support one tablet controller per system, apparently the company will offer the ability to connect at least two touch screen controllers to the unit. Developers that we have spoken with in the shadows say that they have also heard this rumor, but nothing has been confirmed to them.

What most continue to agree upon is that Nintendo will have a playable version at E3 and it is still on track for release for the holiday season in 2012. Right now it seems that these are the two things that everyone mostly agrees upon.

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