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Vita sales in Japan sinking

by on19 January 2012

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Long-term success is questionable at best

Sony can’t be happy with the news that they only moved another 19,000 PC Vita units last week. While the company is busy spinning the fact that they have sold over 500,000 units, these numbers in our opinion make long-term success questionable at best.

The PS Vita needs software; that and that alone is the key right now, and Sony just does not have enough of it yet for the platform. With sinking sales, Sony might have to deploy a price cut just to keep units moving until more software is released.

If we go by the recent Nintendo experience with the 3DS, a price cut could happen sooner than Sony might like; Nintendo was forced into making this play when it only had sold about 1.3 million units. With the sales numbers that Sony is doing right now, it is going to take almost the rest of the year to reach the 1.3 million number.

Unless it gets off to a hot start in North America and Europe, we have to believe that a price cut is coming. This is evidenced by the lack of software that normally should be plentiful and available near launch time. Once again, the line-up and number of choices isn’t what Sony might like. It is all about software; and unless you are moving units, no developer is going to take the risk to produce software for it.

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