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Wii U destined for holiday release

by on27 January 2012

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Name could still change before it ships

Nintendo is claiming that it has learned from the past; and besides confirming that the Wii U will arrive in time for the holidays in 2012, the company is apparently having some second thoughts about the name of its newest console.

Yes, that’s right: Nintendo could be considering changing the name of what we now know as the Wii U before its next generation console is released. The company apparently wants to apply what it learned from the Nintendo 3DS. The model name 3DS apparently has caused a lot of confusion with many consumers that didn’t understand that it was not just another DS console, but that instead it was something brand new that was more than just a DS with 3D support.

As we have told you previously, the company is planning to fill in more of the specifics on the Wii U later this year at E3. In the meantime, Nintendo is carefully considering everything surrounding the release of the Wii U, from the specifications and features, including the name of the product. It might seem late in the game, but Nintendo is determined to get it right; and it needs to get it right, as the success of the console will hinge on many of these decisions.

The biggest question that most gamers have still remains unanswered. That question, of course, is “How much is it going to cost?”  Nintendo has provided no clues as to when they might enlighten us with an answer to that question.

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