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Unreal 4 Engine requires 10 times the power

by on15 February 2012

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That equals about 2/5 teraflops if you are counting

During a presentation at the DICE 2012 summit, Epic’s Tim Sweeney claims that the new Unreal 4 Engine requires 2.5 teraflops of power for what Epic believes the next generation of graphics running on its engine will look like.

To put that into perspective, the current Xbox 360 only yields about .25 teraflops of power. This is clearly not enough to power the future of gaming with the current Xbox 360 console. Of course, you could maybe network 10 Xbox 360s together to get enough power.

This now poses an interesting question, which is – Do the proposed next generation consoles provide enough power? Right now it is difficult to say. Of course, the bigger question is if the manufacturers will be considering this when they make their hardware choices for the next generation consoles. If they don’t meet the 2.5 teraflops required, will Epic scale back the Unreal 4 Engine?

Those numbers stand for a lot of processing power and we will have to see how things are going to shake out; but that is a heck of a number for the next generation consoles to deliver at a reasonable price consumers are willing to pay.

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