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Stats claim 56 percent of US households have modern game consoles

by on10 March 2012

y analyst

Gaming time up 7 percent, Hammertime down

Number cruncher Nielsen published its annual gaming survey in the United States and it suggests that time reserved for gaming is steadily increasing.

Namely, the report found a seven percent increase compared to 2010. The company thinks this is due to drastic increases in mobile and tablet gaming.

Apparently, the number of homes with modern consoles jumped from 50 to 56 percent, which includes Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. As much as 24 percent of users said they play on two or more platforms.

As far as mobile gaming goes, iOS gaming has been quite evenly distributed across all age groups. Despite this, Android has proven to be much more popular with groups from 25-34.

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Last modified on 10 March 2012
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