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Binary Domain to get PC release

by on20 March 2012


Now officially confirmed by Sega

Those PC fans that have been so vocal about wanting to get a PC version of Binary Domain will finally to get their wish. Yes, Sega has finally confirmed today that PC players will be getting Binary Domain in both a digital and boxed release.

Sega says the reason for the decision to release a PC version comes down to the company listening to the fans that were so vocal about getting a PC version of the game. Sega does not know when the exact release date will be for the PC version, but it suspects that they will be able to make an April release date at some point during the month.

Sources had been telling us that a PC version of Binary Domain was a possibility, but it seemed that it took Sega a long time to officially confirm it. Sources tell us that at one point a PC version was planned, and then work stopped on the PC version to complete the console offering.

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