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$99 Xbox 360 deal is go in U.S.

by on08 May 2012


Only at your local Microsoft Store

The $99 Xbox 360 deal that we told you about last week is a ‘go.’  Microsoft Stores are preparing to offer the $99 deal with a $15 per month subscription fee along with a two-year commitment. There currently is no official word if Microsoft is planning to offer the deal through any other channel, but according to the whispers that we are hearing, they might consider it if it is successful.

The biggest problem right now if you wanted to take advantage of this deal is first, you would have to live in the U.S., and then you would have to be able to find a Microsoft Store. Finding a Microsoft Store that is close to you will be a challenge for many, as there are only 22 of them sprinkled about the U.S.

While the price might not be attractive to some, the two-year warranty that covers the Xbox during the payment period would be a big advantage if the new slim units were not so reliable. Still, the deal may turn some heads; but it is far from assured of being a success.

You can find your local Microsoft Store here.

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