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When will we see something from Respawn?

by on18 May 2012

Now expect release to be in EA’s fiscal 2014

Many of you have asked us what is really up with Respawn Entertainment, and just when will we see something from this studio (other than West and Zampella smiling or blurry screen shots that look like nothing)? This isn’t an easy question to answer, but we believe that the recent settlement between Activision and Electronic Arts will pave the way for the title(s) in development at Respawn to be released.

Michael Pachter, industry analyst that everyone knows and loves, thinks that now that the legal wrangling between Activision and EA is over with, it should allow for Respawn’s first title to arrive at some point during EA’s 2014 fiscal year (which would end on March 31st, 2014). Pachter apparently does not believe that Activision will attempt to block the release of this title.

Activision still has drama ahead, however, with the actual trial with West and Zampella starting on May 29th; and if some of the documents that are floating around are just a teaser of what we are going to see in this trial, it will be one that will give us something to write about for weeks.

One has to wonder if Activision is up for the amount of damage this could do to the company’s image, as early reports of Activision’s attempts to use the company’s internal IT department to monitor West and Zampella were none too flattering.

Read Pachter’s comments about Respawn here.

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