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No Unreal Engine 4 for Wii U

by on30 May 2012

Wii U

Will be Unreal Engine 3 only

With all of the talk about the new Unreal 4 Engine as being the next evolution from Epic, the question has come up whether the Wii U would be able to run the new next generation engine.|

A Twitter posting by Geoff Keighley of Spike’s GTTV confirms what our sources have been telling us all along: the Wii U will be able to use version 3 of the Unreal Engine, but will offer no version 4 support, as the hardware does not have the oomph to be able to do it.

We don’t look at this is as disappointing, given that we have known what the Wii U was supposed to be and was going to offer. It is not the next generation console that was designed to compete with the Xbox 720 or the PlayStation 4, but we do expect it to be able to hold its own against the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The real question is what kind of software support the Wii U will get, and we think we will have a better idea of that after E3. Still, as we have said before, it could be a difficult sale to those that are not Nintendo loyalists.|

Read Keighley’s Twitter posting here.

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