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Forza 4 360 bundle coming

by on30 May 2012


Will arrive in mid-June for $299

Microsoft will be releasing a Forza 4 Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle that will include the Wireless Racing Wheel as part of the package. The ‘Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle,” as it is being called by Microsoft, will arrive in mid-June at retailers in North America. No word yet if the offering will be expanded outside of North America or not.

The bundle will include a black Microsoft Xbox 360 S with a 250GB hard drive, wireless controller, wired headset, Forza 4, and the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel. The decision to pack in the Wireless Speed Wheel is an interesting decision by Microsoft, but given that the Wireless Speed Wheel is really only useful with Forza 4 right now, it is maybe more understandable.

Some suspect that the decision to bundle the Wireless Speed Wheel might be a decision more of necessity than anything, as reviews of the Wireless Speed Wheel have not been kind and software support for it has been almost non-existent so far; and as our own usability and testing has revealed, it simply does not seem to work that well and your hands get tired of holding it. This does seem to make for a very unattractive combination.

Nevertheless, Microsoft will be dropping the Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle in mid-June for $299, and we should expect for this to be the bundle that the company will be pushing through the summer. The lack of painting or offering the console in a special Forza 4 paint job could in the end actually be the factor that keeps sales of this bundle from going through the roof. Many Forza fans would have jumped at the chance to get a Forza-themed painted console.

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