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Zampella/West case settled

by on01 June 2012


Terms are strictly confidential

Activision has confirmed that it has reached a deal to settle the Jason West and Vince Zampella lawsuit. All parties have reached a settlement in the dispute, the terms of which are strictly confidential. The company issued an additional statement, saying that the one-time charge related to the settlement will not result in a material impact on the company’s GAAP or non-GAAP earnings per share outlook.

By using your special decoder ring it is easy to determine by that statement that Activision has written West and Zampella a large check to go away, and the company is anxious to put this entire mess behind them. Activision seemed to be ready to fight it out in court. However, as more negative press mounted regarding the company’s behavior, pressure had to be mounting to resolve the situation, as it painted the company in such a negative way.

In addition to the settlement with West and Zampella, the separate lawsuit launched against Activision by 40 former Infinity Ward developers over unpaid bonuses and royalties has also apparently been settled, as well. As with the West and Zampella settlement, we don’t have a clue what the numbers look like and it is likely we will never know.

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