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Ultimate Kinect Sports is coming

by on07 June 2012

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Seasons 1 & 2 in a single package

Microsoft has outed Ultimate Kinect Sports in two recently released videos. The first video is part of the Kinect showcase and the other is an Xbox games showcase video. Both videos show the Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection.

The Ultimate Collection for Kinect Sports looks to be nothing more than Kinect Sports Season 1 and Kinect Sports Season 2 that have been bundled together into one package. It is unknown whether or not the Ultimate Kinect Sports Collection includes any of the released DLC content for Kinect Sports.

We are also unsure if it will be a downloadable or retail box offering. We suspect, however, that here in North America it will be a retail offering, according to a tipster we spoke with who also whispered to us that it will be released as we head into the fall. It is doubtful that we will see it arrive this summer, says the tipster who also went on to say that it would make an excellent bundle offering for the Kinect down the road; but we have no indication that Microsoft is even thinking about that.

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