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Rockstar brings in transportation to the colonies

by on15 June 2012


Getting 18th century about punishment

Computer game outfit Rockstar has come up with a method to tackle cheaters which was first used in the 18th century by the British to deal with criminals.

The British, faced with crimes being bought on by over population, decided to pack off people to the colonies. It was difficult for anyone to cause trouble if they were locked up with other criminals in Australia.

Rockstar is fed up with a small minority of players are spoiling the Max Payne 3 multiplayer game for honest players with cheats and hacks. So what it is doing is that anyone found to have used hacked saves, modded games, or other exploits to gain an unfair advantage in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, or to circumvent the leaderboards will be quarantined from all other players into a "Cheaters Pool".

They will only be allowed to compete in multiplayer matches with other confirmed miscreants. So in other words transportation.

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