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Summer of Arcade confirmed for 360

by on20 June 2012


Buy 3 and get 400 Microsoft Points as a bonus

Microsoft has confirmed what has become nearly an annual tradition on the Xbox 360:  the Summer of Arcade. This year, the Summer of Arcade will start on July 18th and run till August 15th. Microsoft will be offering a 400 point credit to anyone who purchases three of the five Summer of Arcade titles.

The titles this year will be:

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD – July 18th – 1,200 MSP / $15

Wreckateer – July 25th – 800 MSP / $10

Deadlight – August 1st – 1,200 MSP / $15

Hybrid – August 8th – 1,200 MSP / $15

Dust: An Elysian Tail – August 15th – 1,200 MSP / $15

As you can see, all except one title this year will set you back 1,200 Microsoft Points or $15 for those playing our home game. The only 800 Microsoft Point title, which is Wreckateer, is a Kinect title and had quite a good showing at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference.  We expect that this might be the hidden gem of the bunch for those of you that are Kinect owners.

The rest of the titles are also looking pretty darn good, and Activision and developer Robomoto are banking heavily on the popularity of bringing back the new HD version of Tony Hawk Pro Skater.  We are already hearing that extra content is coming in the form of additional maps for this one, and it is going to cost you more than the 1,200 Microsoft Points if you want to get all of the additional maps. It looks pretty good, however, and could finally breathe some new life into a franchise that has needed some help for a time.

The other titles also look really interesting, and early signs seem to suggest there is not a dog in the bunch. It appears that I will be dipping into my points again this summer to spend time playing these new titles.

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