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Steam is coming to Linux

by on18 July 2012

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For Ubuntu distro first

Valve will be moving to make Steam available for Linux, as has been rumored for some time now. It really isn’t that much of a leap when you figure that the company already has made Steam available for Mac OS X, and Linux would be the next logical frontier for Steam.

To start off with, what we know is that the Linux version of Steam right now has three main goals, which are: first, getting the Steam client working on Linux with full functionality; next, getting Left for Dead 2 running on Linux at high frame rates using OpenGL; and finally, porting additional Valve titles over to Linux.

The initial plan calls for Valve to only support the Ubuntu version of Linux; but once it has that sorted out, it will start looking into supporting other Linux distros, but that is down the road.

Steam support for Linux could present some very interesting possibilities for developers, but it is very hard to say how much support there will be for games for Linux. It has to start someplace, however, and Steam could be just the ticket to getting this moving forward. Valve had no announced timetable when they expect this to be released, but they are working on it, which is the good news for Linux fans.

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