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Nintendo is optimistic on Wii U sales numbers

by on26 July 2012

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Expects to move big numbers before end of fiscal 2013

Nintendo must be pretty optimistic on its sales forecast for fiscal 2012 thru 2013, as the company says that it expects to move 10.5 million Wii and Wii U consoles worldwide before the end of fiscal 2013 (which ends in March 2013).

The numbers seem a bit over optimistic, as the company has been trailing Microsoft and Sony in sales; and despite predictions by the company, analysts we spoke with feel that Nintendo might be in for a rather big surprise.  Apparently, the actual numbers don’t seem to favor Nintendo’s projections with Wii sales continuing to fall and the Wii U not arriving in North America and Europe until the end of 2012.

In addition, one analyst we spoke with said, “Beyond the sales predictions from Nintendo, I think the launch titles for the Wii U look weak at best, with a number of games that many will have already played on other systems. I just don’t see the kinds of numbers that Nintendo is talking about as doable right out of the gate, unless they get more must-have exclusive titles right before the system launches.”

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