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Kinect Sports Ultimate coming

by on30 August 2012

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September release planned

Microsoft has another Kinect Sports title coming in September. The title is called Kinect Sports Ultimate, and it is slated for release in North America on September 18th, while Europe will see it on retailer shelves on September 21st.

Kinect Sports Ultimate, as you might have imagined, is really nothing more than Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports 2 that are bundled together in one package for $49. The price is a little bit steep, considering that the titles have sold for less than that individually, if you happened to catch it them on sale. The catch, however, is that the bundle includes all 5 add-on packs and bonus content as part of the package which does make it a better value.

According to our operatives, the Kinect Sports titles have been so popular that they have been difficult at times to find; and with the price of the Kinect being dropped in many regions, this is the chance for those just getting on the Kinect train to pick up what are perhaps two of the best of the Kinect titles so far. They are popular and make good party games for sure.

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