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Sony backing away from 3D for right now

by on03 October 2012

ps3 slim

Just does not seem relevant to gamers at this time

Sony has pushed hard to get more gamers to embrace 3D for video gaming on the PlayStation 3. To that end, Sony is backing away from the emphasis they had placed on it in the past.

When asked about why they think gamers are not embracing 3D, it would seem that wearing the 3D glasses is a lot of the problem. The next generation of 3D should see more models where glasses are not required, and this might help 3D to gain some traction; but at this point it seems that it is not something that gamers are finding valuable.

The fact that the PlayStation 3 supports 3D is really the important part. On the Blu-ray movie side of things, acceptance has struggled. It would seem while consumers are not flocking to it, the lack of 3D Blu-ray titles as well as 3D programming have not helped matters much. Again, consumers say that the 3D glasses are a big reason they are not interested.

Still, Sony as well as many analysts we have spoken with, think there is some place for it in the future, but right now no one is really sure where that is or is going to be.

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