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Criterion will do another Burnout game

by on18 October 2012

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Might also do a Road Rash game

Criterion confirms that they will do another Burnout title at some point in the future, but it could be that the next title they tackle may be a Road Rash revival title. Creative Director Craig Sullivan says that they have a lot they want to do with driving titles.

Because of the motorbike DLC that Criterion released for Burnout Paradise, it seems that everyone thinks they will be doing a Road Rash title at some future time. Right now, the studio is focused on the Need for Speed franchise, with the Most Wanted next up for release later this month.

Sources suggest that Criterion will be doing something other than a Need for Speed title next, as it is expected that EA’s new Gothenburg studio will develop the next Need for Speed title, with Alex Ward from Criterion lending a hand.

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