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360 to offer Karaoke service

by on21 November 2012


8,000 pay-to-play songs to sing

Microsoft is launching a new Karaoke service for the Xbox 360 this holiday season. Long rumored as something that the company was working on, the company finally has its ducks in a row to move this to release.

The Karaoke service will be a pay-to-play service that will offer over 8,000 songs to sing. The service will be sold as blocks of time by redeeming Microsoft Points. Buyers will be able to choose between 2, 6, or 24-hour blocks of time to purchase.

The experience can be personalized and it is compatible with USB microphones, 360 Headsets, as well as the Xbox Wireless Microphone. While no one is talking about Kinect support, we would be surprised if it didn’t include Kinect report. Players will be able to try before they buy, using sample songs that will rotate regularly.

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