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May release planned for Last of Us

by on10 December 2012

On schedule to make release date

Naughty Dog’s new title, Last of Us, is now confirmed for release on May 7th. The recent trailer debuted at the VGA awards shows a game that looks very polished and much closer to release than expected.

What is perhaps more noteworthy is that the release date will come several weeks before a possible announcement of a new console by Sony at E3. Most sources expect that Sony will announce the new console, which is expected to be called the PlayStation 4, at E3 this year. It is expected that the company will announce its plan for the new PS4 to arrive for the 2013 holiday season.

If Sony does announce at E3 as expected, Last of Us could be the last big exclusive title to arrive on the PlayStation 3. While we don’t expect support for PS3 titles to end during 2013, we do think that the number of titles will drop as studios split between the newest console and the older consoles.

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