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Unannounced titles part of THQ filing

by on21 December 2012

The fate not yet known on some of them

THQ’s bankruptcy has brought to light at least the names of some titles that we have known to be in development, but we didn’t know what they were. Now, at least we are able to put the name with the studios that have been working on them.

Turtle Rock, who is best known for Left 4 Dead, had signed a deal with THQ quite some time ago, but we had not heard any specifics on what they were working on besides rumors that it was a likely a co-op shooter title. Now, we know that the title of the game is apparently called Evolve, and it is being developed using the CryEngine 3. The game, which looks to be targeted for a late 2013 or early 2014 release, is described in the filing as a co-op multiplayer action game.

Vigil was the studio that most recently finished Darksiders 2, and rumors suggested that the studio was not working on a third installment, but instead working on a new project. The rumors are correct; and other than the title is named Crawler and it is said to be a first person shooter, we know little else yet about this one.

Patrice Desillets, formerly at Ubisoft, is leading THQ Montreal in the development of a project only described in the filings as “Project 1666”. Based on what we understand, it would seem that this is a Next Generation Console title that should arrive in 2014 or 2015, depending on the development schedule. Besides a number of rumors, all of which seem to conflict, we can’t find anything out about what this title might be.

Relic, when it isn’t working on Company of Heroes 2, apparently has a second team that has started a new project being developed under the working titles of “Atlas”; it looks to be slated for a late 2014 release that will likely place it on the Next Generation of Consoles, as well.

The filings also confirm that Saints Row 4 as well as WWE 2014 are in the pipeline, as is Homefront 2, which is in development at Crytek UK. Homefront 2 looks to be scheduled for a 2014 second half arrival, but it is hard to say if it will be a Next Generation Console release or if it will arrive for the current generation of consoles.

According to the filing and what has been said so far, the plan is to continue the development of these titles, all of which will be very important to the potential success or failure of THQ. From the outside looking in, we see some potential in these titles that we have not seen in many of the recent THQ releases over the past couple of years. We will first have to see if the court signs off on THQ’s plan and if the company can execute on a comeback that we normally only see in movies.

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