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THQ final auction nets between $6 - $7 million

by on22 April 2013

Full details expected later today on who got what

The final THQ auction has apparently netted the defunct publisher another $6 to $7 million to cover its debts to its creditors. Sources say the auction had apparently received 17 bids and covered THQ IP and back catalog titles.

Some of the titles and IP on the block included the Darksiders franchise, Red Faction, Homeworld, MX vs. ATV, as well as the rights to a number of other back catalog titles from the past that the company owned. We know that many of the team that worked on Darksiders has bid in a Crytek US to purchase that franchise and IP; but don’t get too excited, as that does not mean that a sequel or new content for the franchise is coming.

We have also learned that the crowd funded-bid by indie developer TeamPixel to acquire the Homeworld IP apparently failed. The nearly $60K that the crowd funded campaign bid for the IP rights in the auction was simply not enough, and they were outbid. Refunds are being issued. No word yet on who acquired Homeworld, but in a brief statement, TeamPixel asks for support for the buyer.

This final auction is pretty much the end of the line for THQ’s remaining IP. Much discussion has been made about some of the potential of the remaining IP and what could possibly be in store for the IP once it is purchased. There are some good things left and some things that could have excellent future potential.

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