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Nintendo announces new 2DS

by on29 August 2013

Just a cheaper 3DS with no 3D

Nintendo besides announcing the price drop on the Wii U, also announced the 2DS today. No, really the new handheld is called the 2DS which is basically a low cost 3DS without the 3DS.

The new 2DS will retail for $129 and comes in either blue or red. It is compatible with all 3DS games, but it can’t render in 3D because it is not supported. The unit is an all-in-one using a thin triangle form factor which is unique, but workable.

At the $129 price it is for $40 cheaper than a 3DS and $70 cheaper than the 3DS XL, so it really does have a place in the handheld lineup. The handheld market is still big for Nintendo and with the problems of the Wii U, bringing in the 2DS might not be such a bad idea.

The 2DS will arrive on October 12th in North America, which by no surprise is the same day that the new Pokemon X and Y is due for release. Could it be that Nintendo is bringing out the 2DS to get Pokemon fans who don’t have a 3DS a cheap way to come back into the fold? Yeah, we think it is possible too. We will have to see how well this strategy works for Nintendo and how well the 2DS sells.

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